During Her Quest to Have it All - A Young Rock Star Discovers Through Music that She is the One Who is Out of Tune with Life


During her quest to have it all, a young rock star discovers through music that she is the one who is out of tune with life.

How do you treat the world . . . when you are on top of it?
How does the world treat you . . . when you're not?

The journey shows us what sound a spoiled young rock star makes when she is out of tune with life, and Cassie, a wanna-be star makes when she is willing to do anything to take her place.

Star had "made it" and had it all... or did she? She is the center of her universe when she discovers how small it really is.

Paths cross between those climbing up the ladder, those falling off, and those putting the ladder away. This fresh, contemporary film offers the sounds of classical, rock, and bluegrass colliding as lives intersect, resulting in a new sound, a new life, a new beginning.

In the end, Star discovers that the art to fine tuning her life is much like tuning a violin so that it is in harmony with those around her, as she finds the family she never had.

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